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Staff Augmentation / Manpower Solutions

With companies adopting more aggressive growth and expansion strategies, the need to augment efficient staff at an accelerated pace has become the need of the hour. Many organizations today seek both the flexibility to obtain resources when and where needed and the ability to “gear up” for projects that require specialized application skills that don’t exist or can’t be leveraged internally.

Engineering Services

Duenira collaborates with their client counterparts to develop integrated solutions that may include engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, maintenance and project management services. From the earliest stages of project design, we implicate the construction and commissioning teams to deliver capital and schedule efficiencies.

Interior Design & Decoration

At Duenira we are specializes in assimilating innovative products and concepts that are simply graceful and stylish and often outshine the industry benchmarks. We come up with exceptionally innovative ideas for interior spaces & spectrum of our clients and use various latest technologies to gear up the design by focusing on practical application and implications of our concepts.

Training:apos:s & Leadership Programs

We have a bunch of good trainers which can change your life status and height of wisdom. As constructive Ideas give you rise in the each spectrum of life in the same manner our organization works for everyone for their growth, prosperity and wellness.

Our Projects


Client : Gateway EPM India Pvt. Ltd / ZHAIKMUNAI LLP

Location : Chinarevsky Oil Field, Zelenovsky District, Republic of Kazakhstan

Unit- Produced Water System and Hydrocarbons System Closed Drain Unit

Purpose of the Unit: Gathering of liquid hydrocarbons from process and auxiliary Equipment Gathering of process water flows (produced water) and pumping out of produced water

Unit: Fuel Gas Receiver Unit

Purpose of the Unit: Receiving and distribution of fuel gas to consumers (GTU-3 auxiliaries)

Unit: Methanol Injection Units

Purpose of the Unit: Prevention of hydrates formation in raw gas pipelines and equipment

Unit: Buffer Vessels Unit

Purpose of the Unit: Gathering of SGC (stable gas condensate) from Condensate Stabilizer Unit and Debutanizer Unit Periodic pumping-out of SGC when the established level is reached, by means of Condensate Discharge Pumps to the Temporary Storage Warehouse

Unit: Glycol Drain Unit

Purpose of the Unit: Gathering of Glycol drains


Murli D Maurya

Business Development I Operatios

Surabhi Maurya

Chief - Interior Design & Decoration

Gautam Mandal

Chief Advisor & Consultant

Umesh Kushwaha

Project Manager

Sandeep Daksha

Chief - Advisor & Consultant


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